NEW Firearms

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Gun Review: Rock Island Armory’s .22 TCM

Quality 1911 packing a new, ultra-fast cartridge!

Gun Review: Walther PPQ M2 9mm

Ultra-modern enforcer packs cutting-edge ergonomics and 15+1 rounds of 9mm firepower!

US Machine Gun Armory’s M249 SAW in 6.8 SPC

Converted to handle versatile, hard-hitting 6.8 SPC ammo, U.S. Machine Gun Armory’s M249 SAW is a...

Gun Review: Tromix S17 12 Gauge

Magazine-fed, AK-style 12 gauge is enough to satisfy a “shotshell” enthusiast.

Sneak Peek: Barrett’s Sub-MOA 98B Tactical Sniper Rifle

Taking the ultra-precise Barrett 98B Tactical sniper rifle in 7.62mm NATO/.308...

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NEW Knives

Farid Mehr Teams Up For Spyderco K2 Folder

The all new Spyderco K2 folder combines the company's innovation with knifemaker Farid Mehr's knack...

TOPS Knives' El Patron XXX Gets Tactical Stone Coating

The all new El Patron XXX from TOPS Knives features specific angles and shapes that make the knife...

Extrema Ratio's Hardened, Multipurpose SERE 1

The SERE from Extrema Ratio features a partially serrated blade for cutting ropes, a belt cutter...

5.11 Tactical's Crewcut Assisted Opener Combo Edge

The Crewcut series of knives from 5.11 Tactical is made from AUS 8 steel combo edge blade and...

Small and Sturdy: TOPS Knives' Rocky Mountain Spike

The all new Rocky Mountain Spike from TOPS Knives is good for cutting, scraping and splitting,...

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NEW Gear

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Mesa Tactical's Lucy Adapter Ready For Rem 870 20 Gauge

The all new Lucy Adapter from Mesa Tactical increases stock options for the 20 gauge Remington 870...

Aimpoint's Micro T-2 Sight Sees Major Upgrades

The Micro T-2 sight from Aimpoint features a new housing that allows the addition of front and rear...

Definitive Arms' Kalashnikov Conversion System

Advanced conversion system: 5.56mm AR technology with AK durability!

FirstSpear's Front Line-Ready Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch

The all new Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch from FirstSpear is incredibly versatile for quick...

Ring's Manufacturing Introduces Sig Sauer P320C Bluegun

As a 1:1 exact replica of the original Sig P320C, the new bluegun version from Ring's Manufacturing...

Daniel Defense Expands Color Finish Options

Daniel Defense expands Mil Spec+ and Daniel Defense Tornado color finish options to additional...

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