NEW Firearms

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Shoot Long Range with DEZ Tactical’s USAR10-24

The new USAR10-24 from DEZ Tactical Arms features a 24-inch match-grade 4150CMV steel fluted bull...

Preview: Rock Island Armory’s New .22 TCM 1911 Pistol

The high-quality .22 TCM 1911 from Rock Island Armory is designed around a new bottleneck cartridge...

Gun Review: Wilson Combat’s Rifle Warriors

Versatile, hard-hitting AR designs built for portability and long-range accuracy!

Mossberg’s New 590A1 Features Magpul Shotgun Upgrades

Mossberg has enhanced its reliable 590A1 series with Magpul shotgun accessories to create the...

Japan’s Experimental Semi-Autos of WWII | Preview

From the Type 30 to the Type 4, Japan's experimental semi-autos attempted to out-gun the Allied...

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NEW Knives

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Small and Sturdy: TOPS Knives' Rocky Mountain Spike

The all new Rocky Mountain Spike from TOPS Knives is good for cutting, scraping and splitting,...

Bark and Bite: Extrema Ratio's Dobermann IV Knife

Extrema Ratio's Dobermann IV classic and tactical duo were built to withstand any scenario.

TOPS Knives' Mil-SPIE Is Ready For Combat

The Mil-SPIE from TOPS Knives is a small-sized knife that will withstand the toughest of tests from...

SOG Kiku Knives: A Collaboration of Beautiful Blades

Kiku Matsuda brings his handy work to SOG Specialty Knives & Tools for knives that are more like...

Camillus Partners with Will Zermeno For Jolt Folding Knife

Will Zermeno, who helped create the Jolt from Camillus Knives, has been independently designing...

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NEW Gear

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Charge Your AR-15 with the YHM Tactical Charging Handle Latch

The Tactical Charging Handle Latch from Yankee Hill Machine allows for more than a half-inch of...

12 Top Bulletproof Body Armor For LEOs and Military

Today’s best plate carriers and tactical vests for going into harm’s way!

Crye Precision's Smart Pouch Suite Offers Field-Ready Variety

The Smart Pouch Suite from Crye Precision offers six different pouch options with AVS, molle and...

Improvised Electronics' Boombox Simulates IED Explosive Reports

The Boombox from Improvised Electronics offers the ability to train personnel to react to the sound...

Laser Ammo Introduces SureStrike .380 Dry Fire Training System

The SureStrike .380 cartridge from Laser Ammo USA is activated by the impact of the striker or...

YHM's Hunter-Ready Deer Tracks Handguard

The Deer Tracks Handguard from Yankee Hill Machine includes the option to add a front sight.

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