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Barrett Rec7 Gen II 5.56mm Rifle: Multi-Mission AR | Gun Review

Dave Bahde tests the Barrett Rec7 Gen II chambered in 5.56mm NATO, which brings piston-driven...

Springfield EMP 9mm: Duty-Ready 1911 Pistol | Gun Review

The Springfield EMP 9mm 1911 pistol is ready for making fight-stopping hits on duty or off!

MGI’s MARCK 15 5.56 Hydra Configuration | New Product

MGI continues to improve it's AR-15 platform with the MARCK 15 5.56 Hydra configuration.

Firebird Precision TAC-12 A1 Shotgun | New Product

The Firebird Precision TAC-12 A1 12-gauge, semiautomatic tactical shotgun has a free-floating...

Primary Weapons Systems PWS MK212 7.62mm Rifle | Gun Review

Primary Weapons Systems' PWS MK212 12.75-inch-barreled 7.62 is nothing short of a big deal!

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NEW Knives

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Bawidamann Blades Skeletonized Karambit | New Product

Designed with Steve Hacht and Bryce Grey, these Skeletonized Karambit Bawidamann Blades have a...

Bear OPS Butterfly Knives | New Product

Knifemakers Bear OPS have announced the release of eight new models to their expanding line of...

Benchmade 183 Fixed Contego Knife | New Product

Knife manufacturers Benchmade have released another knife designed by renowned knifemaker Warren...

Winkler Knives | Custom Traditional and Tactical Knives | The Complete Story

Winkler Knives II is fueled by years of work from Master Bladesmith Daniel Winkler, a great...

Hoffner Defensive Folding Knife Operator Kit | VIDEO

With the Hoffner Defensive Folding Knife Operator Kit, you can defend yourself with a knife that...

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NEW Gear

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Big Bug Out Trucks: M35 2.5 Ton Truck Rebuilt for Bug-Out | Review

Jorge Amselle profiles Big Bug Out Trucks, a company which rebuilds old M35 military surplus trucks...

Sparrows Tuxedo Set | New Product

Sparrows Tuxedo set gives the user six lock picks to choose from without being too bulky.

300 Below Cryo Barrel Stress Relief | New Product

300 Below's Cryo Barrel Stress Relief process helps relieve stress in firearm barrels, which...

ADCO Night Star Digital Night Vision Monocular | New Product

ADCO has expanded their line of optics and sights with the release of the ADCO Night Star Digital...

20 New AK Accessories For 2014 | Magpul, Century, GG&G, VLTOR | Photo Galleries | VIDEOS presents 20 new AK accessories for 2014, including grips, rails, mounts, and...

Zero Motorcycles: Zero DSP & SP Police Motorcycles | VIDEOS | New Product

Zero Motorcycles, renowned manufacturer of high performance electric motorcycles, added a range of...

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