NEW Firearms

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Sneak Peek: Heckler & Koch’s New Striker-Fired VP9

HK is bringing its renowned quality and reliability to a new polymer-framed, striker-fired,...

Combat Handgun’s 25 ‘Can’t Miss’ List For 2014

A round up of some of the most exciting and innovative handgun offerings of the year so far!

Tactical Rifles Releases New M40-66 Retro Rifle

Tactical Rifles has taken the retro look of the original 1966 M40 and put it into the all new,...

Best of the Bullpups: Top 10 Compact Rifles and Shotguns

Top 12 compact rifles and shotguns built to dominate in close quarters on duty or at home!

Gun Review: Daniel Defense’s MK18 5.56mm

Daniel Defense's SOCOM-born short-barrel MK18 rifle with “Mil-Spec+” upgrades is ready for...

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NEW Knives

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Extrema Ratio's DICOK Diving Knife Excels Underwater

With a serrated blade and a weight under 6 ounces, the DICOK diving knife from Extrema Ratio can...

Hoffner Hand Spear Brings Best Out of Fixed Blade

The full tang 440C Stainless Steel Spear Point Hoffner Hand Spear is well-balanced and affordable,...

Battle Blades: SOG SEAL Pup Steel in Hollywood

Meet the combat-proven blade fielded by Navy SEALs and recently showcased in Lone Survivor!

Battle Blades: SOG Kiku Fighters

Affordable, custom-grade knives born for hard use and abuse!

Steel Corps: Handcrafted Knives with Bryan Bates

Meet Bryan Bates, the Marine who handcrafts infidel-ready battle blades for red-blooded Americans!

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NEW Gear

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'Deuce and a Half': Multi-Mission M35 Trucks

Classic 2.5-ton M-35 trucks reborn for off-roading, bugging out and surviving today’s threats!

TRU-SPEC Releases Two New MultiCam Patterns

The MultiCam Tropic and MultiCam Arid patterns from TRU-SPEC were designed to reduce visibility in...

Adams Arms' XLP Low Profile Gas Block Fits Under Most AR-15s

The XLP Low Profile Gas Block from Adams Arms comes with five different adjustable gas settings.

Relive Each Shot with ATN’s Shot Trak HD Gun Camera

New Shot Trak HD gun camera from American Technologies Network is attachable on three sides of the...

VooDoo Innovations' Lifecoat Carrier Reduces Weight by 20 Percent

The LifeCoat Low Mass Bolt Carrier from VooDoo Innovations is compatible with any direct...

Great Gear From Warrior Expo East Show 2014

Inside Warrior Expo East, where companies showcase some of their new gear and equipment to ensure...

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