.50 Gl Glock Conversion Unit

Included in the guns & gear that caught our eyes is the .50 Gl Glock Conversion Unit!

Guncrafter’s conversion kit allows you to shoot the .50 GI from a Glock 20 10mm or a .45ACP G21. The conversion kit consists of a complete top end and mag. It has a 9+1 capacity with an extended base pad, 8+1 with standard base pad. The slide and barrel are machined from stainless steel forgings and .50 GI factory ammo is available from Guncrafter Industries at 171 Madison 1510, Dept CH, Huntsville, AR 72740; 479-665-2466; www.guncrafterindustries.com

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  • Russ Scheringer

    what are the wait time for the kits and is it possible to convert standard g21 clips with afollower and spring change

  • twig

    Will there be a slide conversion for the glock model 30subcompact .45acp?

  • twig

    Will you make a slide that converts the glock model 30 subcompact .45acp?

  • shane

    where can you get ammo for this cannon? who makes it? is this a self loading ammo? If so what is the load?

  • Luke Thomas

    Yes, just spoke with Alex, owner of Guncrafter Industries and his wife. The new conversion kit will fit the 21SF. They are also coming out with a long slide version in a few more months.

  • would like to convert one of my glocks over to .50 need info on distributors in louisiana.

  • looking for a close dist. for the conversion kits, i have 2 glocks in 40 s&w and 45 acp
    thank you bobby cockerham