A Jeff Cooper Retrospective

How often have you heard the blockheaded proposition of the…

How often have you heard the blockheaded proposition of the hoplophobe that “A gun’s only purpose is to put a bullet through something.” The proper response to this is, “And the only purpose of a scalpel is to cut somebody open.” Instruments have no purpose of their own, as we can never seem to make clear to the opposition. Only man has the will to direct the instrument, and only man, not the instrument, has the potential for evil.

To the weirdoes who maintain that only the cops and troops should have access to firearms, we repeatedly point out that “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World” was fired by a bare-faced civilian. Their reaction, of course, is usually, “Huh?”

When we point out that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with “legitimate sporting purpose,” but rather with the defense of the people against political subjugation, we are sometimes told in horror that the idea of a citizen’s defending himself against an army is unthinkable in today’s world. Well, think again. The following is extracted from the International Defense Review for January 1992:
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