A Jeff Cooper Retrospective

Herodotus tells us that the Ancient Persians did not allow…

Herodotus tells us that the Ancient Persians did not allow a young man of good birth to attend court or be noticed until he had learned to ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth. Of course the Ancient Persians knew nothing about modern democracy.

● “If I were king” I would make sure that no citizen could vote until he had read and understood the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Federalist Papers, and de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America.” No chance of that, of course. Alcibiades was right!

● Note the difference between the rifleman-hunter and the hunter-rifleman. Properly speaking, a man should be both, but things do not work out that way every time. There are plenty of citizens who never take their rifles off the target range, and I have met a number of hunters who can barely tell one end of the barrel from the other. To each his own, of course, but the rifleman increases his stature if he hunts, and the hunter doubles his gratification if he understands the art of the rifle.

NOTE: The intellectual property of Jeff Cooper is owned by Gunsite Academy and reprinted from Gargantuan Gossip 2 with their permission.


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