A Winning Triple Play

In this issue, let’s look at an open-top holster by…

In this issue, let’s look at an open-top holster by El Paso Saddlery, a paddle holster by Gould & Goodrich and a paddle/hip holster by BlackHawk.
El Paso Saddlery Double Agent

handgunhide2.jpgAs a civilian who does not expect to be running, jumping or trying to subdue a violent criminal while carrying a handgun, I prefer open top, strong side hip holsters, feeling that I do not need the extra security offered by a safety strap on my holsters. A fine example of the open top speed scabbard is the Double Agent holster by El Paso Saddlery. The Double Agent is constructed of top-grade cowhide and fully lined with suede. The pouch is neatly hand molded for the Colt 1911 and includes sight rails stitched securely in place to form a front sight tunnel. An adjustable tension device placed just below the triggerguard provides adequate security for a cocked and locked 1911. The triggerguard is fully enclosed to prevent premature access to the trigger, and the gun butt is presented for a full shooting grip with first hand contact. The lip of the pouch is reinforced to provide easy one-handed holstering of your pistol.

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