Adventures of Jammyman

He went from a sound sleep to a bad headache…

He went from a sound sleep to a bad headache in about three minutes. And it was going to leave a mark. That pillow felt so good.

So waking up to his wife’s elbow and panicked assurance that she just heard something outside wasn’t what he wanted to wake up to. When he finally went to investigate the disturbance, he saw two young men pilfering through a neighbor’s car a few houses down. As he approached to verify what he thought he was seeing, the two youths spotted him coming and beat it out of there.

Sleepy husband now morphed into a pajama-clad super hero and gave chase. The two kids split up and Jammyman continued to follow one of them. But when the young villain vaulted a 6-foot-high fence and landed wrong, breaking his leg, the adventure was over. All Jammyman had to do now was hold him until the police arrived. But wait, what about his headache?

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