Bersa Thunder PRO HC 40 Pistol Review

The Bersa Thunder PRO HC 40 pistol is an affordable and reliable high-capacity .40 caliber ideal for self-defense!

Bersa’s HC 40 is a well-appointed, reliable double-action pistol. The ambi controls make it perfect for all shooters. Insight’s X2L light/laser unit was a good fit on the accessory rail.

One question a writer can expect to receive occasionally is “What handgun should I buy?” While it might be reasonable to assume we would have a little more knowledge than many folks, without knowing what your experience, needs and intended uses are, it is difficult to recommend a handgun for you. I personally have a standard litany of questions I ask before answering, beginning with, “Have you shot handguns before?” and followed by, “What are you buying it for, and how much do you want to spend?”

Expense is quite important for everyone. Spending way more than what may be necessary can cause a number of problems, not to mention losing money that would be better spent on practice ammunition and/or training. I love the high-end handguns as much as anyone else, but it is certainly not necessary to spend thousands of dollars for a defensive handgun of that will be fired relatively little in the span of a year!

bersa-thunder-pro-hc-40-bThe barrel mates directly to the slide with no bushing. Note the integral accessory rail machined into the pistol’s frame.

Also, basic handguns from virtually all manufacturers have come a long way in recent times. It is now quite possible to get a quality, reliable pistol at a price that does not leave you gasping.

Everyone should be able to afford a reliable firearm to defend lives. Decades ago, a cousin purchased a Bersa pistol, in .380 if memory serves me. Last I heard it was still functioning quite well. At the time, Bersa’s offering was perfect for his budget, and he was glad to acquire a reliable pistol for self-defense. For a number of years now (since the early 1950s, actually) Bersa, headquartered in Ramos Mejia, Argentina, has been helping folks do just that.

bersa-thunder-pro-hc-40-cThe HC 40 features ambidextrous controls for ease of use by southpaws. The external extractor gripped cases firmly and positively.

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  • sniper

    I have had the Bersa Thunder 40 HC 13+1 magazine for over 4 years now and I carry it with my CCW permit all the time. At the range I have fired at least 1500 rounds and have never had it misfire or jam ever. It is dead on out to 40 yards. I’m an retired Navy Seal and would recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable weapon to anyone …Sniper

  • Ryan

    How can I buy the Flashlight and Laser for Bersa?