Best Ammunition For Kimber SIS .45 Custom

This handgun ammo gives the perfect balance of functionality, controllability, penetration, expansion and accuracy!

A carry gun must be simple because its mission is simple: to stop deadly threats as quickly and with as few shots as possible. It must exhibit the highest quality of materials and workmanship since functional reliability is of paramount importance.

It must also be easily and quickly utilized under stress and provide maximum efficiency in the process. This means a careful balance of modifications and “improvements” are key. The Kimber SIS Custom pistol reflects exceptionally cognizance of this critical fact.

Beautiful and simple, the SIS Custom is only as good as its operator and ammunition allow it to be. Each gun is an individual weapon and will demonstrate a marked preference for certain types of ammunition and an indifference to others.

Thus, I embarked upon a serious project to determine which of the many .45 ACP commercial loads performed best. I found that the gun didn’t perform well with one or two loads, but better than average with most. As you might expect, at the other end of the spectrum there were several loads with which it performed spectacularly well.

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    this weapon is der beste