Best Loads for Mini-9s | Compact 9mm Ammo

Get enhanced performance out of your compact and sub-compact 9mm with the right ammunition!

Everyone is more than aware of the popularity that the 9mm pistol has increasingly enjoyed over the last decade. However, not everyone realizes the extent to which it has proliferated, nor do they realize how popular various versions of them have become. Indeed, not only do we now see a plethora of 9mm pistols everywhere, but an additional trend involving them is also surfacing.

minis2.jpgI’m speaking, of course, of their compact and sub-compact versions, the variety of which has never before been seen. In fact, they’re becoming so popular that, in one form or another, fully half of my handgun students are now using them. A decade ago, this was definitely not the case, but clearly the advantages of a lighter, smaller 9mm pistol have become known to the point where it has nearly become the dominant handgun in today’s self-defense world.

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