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With the right ammo, get the most performance out of your short barrel carry everywhere revolver!

For over 100 years, the .38SPL snubbie revolver has ridden a wave of popularity that, even today, shows little indication of subsiding. Compact, highly concealable and deadly, they’re preferred and depended upon by men and women from virtually all walks of life.

There is no question of the snubbie’s legitimacy as a self-defense weapon, even though some claim that its limitations disqualify it as such. However, such assertions are wrong because they ignore what I call “The Fundamental Premise Of Apples Versus Oranges,” meaning that comparisons between the two almost always hinge on the personal preferences, and even biases, of those making the comparison, rather than any legitimate reasoning.

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  • Jose G. Colon

    Can anyone tell me the maker of the grips on the Colt snubbie pictured in this article and how to get them? (i.e. website, phone # or address)

  • Damion Pauksta

    As a long time fan of .38 Snubbie revolvers, I went right to Chuck Taylor’s article “Best Loads for the .38 Snubbie”. Mr. Taylor seems to say that the only option to get your fixed sighted snubbie to shoot to point-of-aim is to use heavy bullets. There is another option. My S&W Model 38 shot low with the light hollow point load that I prefer. I simply filed down the front sight a little bit at a time until it shot where I wanted.

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