Best Loads for XD 9mm Sub-Compact

Ever since it first appeared a few years ago, Springfield…

Ever since it first appeared a few years ago, Springfield Armory’s XD series has been taking the shooting world by storm. And though the initial gun, the XD-9, was an instant success, the XD series itself has evolved into multiple calibers and configurations, all of which fulfill a specific tactical need.

There is now a Standard XD, a larger (longer slide and barrel) Tactical XD and a Sub-Compact XD models. The Tactical XD is intended primarily for open carry military and police use, whereas the Standard version is more suited for plainclothes officers and civilians. The Sub-Compact, by virtue of its diminutive size and lightweight, is perfectly configured for concealed carry functions.

Concealed Carry Missions
The Sub-Compact XD is particularly well suited for deep-cover narcotics agents and civilians with CCW (concealed carry weapon) licenses. And, of the various calibers in which the gun is offered, the 9mm version, the XD-9, is the most commonly encountered. Before I proceed further, let me state that the results obtained in my testing were with my XD-9 Compact and though I’m sure the basic trend will be the same with all XD-9 Sub-Compacts, there may be some specific differences. Though guns are mass-produced to certain specifications, there are idiosyncrasies from gun to gun, meaning that a given example may perform differently than the next.

This being the case, you should understand that while testing of the most commonly encountered 9mm factory JHP loads has yielded certain results, testing of that same ammunition in a different gun might yield data that is completely different. If nothing else, this tendency should underscore to you the need to test any ammunition you’re considering for self-defense or other tactical use in your particular gun. Otherwise, you’ll never know for certain whether or not it satisfies your needs.

My needs are relatively simple. First, since I regard the XD-9 Sub-Compact as a specialized, rather than general-purpose tactical weapon, the conditions that I would use it are more limited. For example, as a civilian, I have no need for extra penetration on automobiles or other intermediary obstacles. In fact, though it might benefit a uniformed police officer, such penetration would for my purposes actually be a liability.

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    Try Liberty 50 gr +P nickel plated all copper hollow points. Penetrates an throws off 5 pieces of bullet into9 inch diameter sunburst with base going on to penetrate to 10 inches.