BlackHawk Blades | BlackHawk Knives Review

Practical, no-nonsense knives from BlackHawk that won't bust a budget!


A few years ago BlackHawk Products Group acquired the rights to the Masters Of Defense (MOD) line of tactical knives. The former owner, Jim Ray, had spared no expense in making the MOD family one of the highest quality lines of knives around. Of course, that kind of excellence doesn’t come without a price tag to match.

The need for a more economical group of cutting tools designed to better serve the troops in the field led to the creation of BlackHawk Blades. BHB’s combined the design philosophy of MOD with the extensive global production and sourcing capabilities of the original BlackHawk Group. The year 2008 saw the introduction of a number of BHB knives that basically copy several of the more popular Master Of Defense models in a less costly made-in-Taiwan version. The Taiwanese are now in the position the Japanese were a couple of decades ago, manufacturing high-quality products at very reasonable prices.

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