Blank Training

Bang! “You’re dead. I got you.” “No, you didn’t!” “Yes,…

Bang! “You’re dead. I got you.” “No, you didn’t!” “Yes, I did.” And so it went. Back then, my 10-year-old friend and I were playing army, running all though his backyard and house. We would ambush each other by hiding on the porch and in the bushes. Typical rules included a loud count from one to 10 when you got “killed.”

airguns.jpgMany of you out there had similar experiences. This was long before the social architects and psychologists had decided that playing war games was bad for children and was an indicator of violent tendencies. Back then our parents thought it was just fine. We’d run around in the sun and fresh air all afternoon, eat our suppers and by 9 PM, we were worn out and ready for bed.

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