Born Again: Sig Sauer P226 9mm

Everyone likes a bargain, right? Of course we do. Any…

Everyone likes a bargain, right? Of course we do. Any time you pay less than you expected for a product or service it makes you feel good, like you got a special deal. Well my friends, SIG SAUER has a deal for you. Every year law enforcement agencies nationwide exchange older pistols for new ones. The biggest catalyst for this changeover has been the introduction of the .40 cartridge. Innumerable police departments traded in their 9mm pistols for the same models chambered in the larger .40 caliber round.

sigsauer.gifWhere do all of these trade-in pistols go? For SIG SAUER, a great deal of these guns ends up right back in Exeter, New Hampshire, where they are individually inspected for serviceability and function. This was the inspiration for SIG SAUER’s “Certified Pre-Owned” program.

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  • Gene

    I have owned many Sigs in different calibers and now have the P229 (which fits me perfectly) with the 40 cal barrel and the 357 Sig barrel. I cannot say enough good about Sigs, They are amongst the best of hadguns and I would recommend then to anyone looking for a quality handgun.