Having the expertise of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network…

Having the expertise of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network can help responsible citizens through what could become an arduous ordeal after an armed confrontation. Sean Utley Photo

Two veteran defense attorneys explain the grim reality of the aftermath of even the most justifiable armed defense of self and others—and cited cases emphasize their points.

Marty Hayes, JD, started the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (ACLDN) to establish a support system for ordinary people who were forced to use weapons to protect themselves and others. With referral lawyers now in place in most states, selected for their ability to handle this type of defense, the organization also has experienced expert witnesses on call. In addition, ACLDN has a strong educational component, now scheduling continuing legal education courses for attorneys, focusing on the fine points of managing self-defense and deadly force cases. The educational side of the ACLDN house also includes training materials geared for the armed citizen members themselves.

I had the pleasure of being present recently while one such training segment was filmed. The guest lecturers were both criminal defense lawyers who each had a lot of experience in this type of case—Jim Fleming from Minnesota, and Royce Ferguson from Washington State. It was filmed in front of a live audience during a MAG-80 class I was teaching. The discussion was moderated by Hayes.

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  • George Liquor

    I’d rather handle dog shit than shake hands with a lawyer.

  • Reis Kash

    Gun owner friendly lawyers on call is an excellent idea as is a support group for persons legally using hand guns for self defense. As a retired US Marshals Service member I know how armed civilians should be treated and how they are now being treated under this insane regime.