COMBAT HANDGUNS 2013 Cover Round-Up

COMBAT HANDGUNS is America’s definitive handgun magazine, with news on the latest pistols and gear, as well as concealed-carry and close-combat tactics.
Combat Handguns May 2013

Combat Handguns May 2013

MAY 2013
May saw the unveiling of Glock’s über-successful GLOCK 30S, a super-slim 10+1 .45 ACP that mates the G30 SF’s 1.27-inch-wide frame with the slide of a G36 to produce a pistol that’s both highly concealable and knockdown powerful. Accompanying the G30S was the G33 Gen4 in .357, one of four 2013 additions to Glock’s Gen4 lineup (the other three, also featured in the issue, were the G30 Gen4, the G29 Gen4 and the G20 Gen4).

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