COMBAT HANDGUNS 2013 Cover Round-Up

COMBAT HANDGUNS is America’s definitive handgun magazine, with news on the latest pistols and gear, as well as concealed-carry and close-combat tactics.
Combat Handguns August 2013

Combat Handguns August 2013

With competitive shooting rising in popularity, manufacturers have in recent years devoted increased attention to developing handguns optimized for speed of use and down-range accuracy. A prime example is August’s cover gun, the Smith & Wesson M&P9 C.O.R.E. Pro Series—a competition-worthy 9mm capable, as our reviewer discovered, of shooting 1.02-inch groups at 25 yards. The M&P9 C.O.R.E.’s features are, in a small space, too numerous to detail—but one component is worth pointing out: it’s specialized mounting platform, whose removable brackets allow for the easy attachment of six different types of optics, making the M&P9 C.O.R.E. red-dot ready right out of the box.

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