COMBAT HANDGUNS 2013 Cover Round-Up

COMBAT HANDGUNS is America’s definitive handgun magazine, with news on the latest pistols and gear, as well as concealed-carry and close-combat tactics.
Combat Handguns September 2013

Combat Handguns September 2013

Gracing the September cover is Springfield Armory’s ultra-slim XD-S 9mm, a pocket-friendly, striker-fired semi-auto boasting a level of accuracy all out of proportion to its small size. Roughly 1-inch wide, the 23.5-ounce XD-S 9mm is an easy gun to grip and shoot, with aggressive grip texturing, interchangeable backstraps and a shock-absorbing polymer frame all working to tame recoil and keep the gun’s 9mm payload closely grouped at 7 yards and beyond.

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