Concealed Carry Practicality

A shoulder rig like the DeSantis New York Undercover can…

A shoulder rig like the DeSantis New York Undercover can be quite comfortable, but like any holster in any position, consistent drawing takes practice.

Carrying a concealed handgun should not be a “part-time” endeavor. If you decide to carry, do so as often as possible—obviously making sure you follow the law—because the one time you don’t have your gun is bound to be the time when you need it more than anything else in the world.

You must be prepared to carry your handgun despite weather conditions and clothing considerations. Whether you’re sporting a business suit or a t-shirt and shorts, here are a few tips to help you comfortably carry a concealed handgun year-round.

Galco Gunleather’s KingTuk holster combines the comfort of a leather backplate with the practicality of a kydex holster.

Even the most ergonomically designed concealed carry gun can be uncomfortable if you don’t pair it with a quality holster. It’s hard to go wrong with brands like Galco, DeSantis and BlackHawk, but chances are you’ll need more than one type of holster in order to comfortably carry day-in and day-out.

The SERPA CQC from BlackHawk is an excellent choice when wearing a jacket.

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