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1. Pistol company used by the Marines and LAPD SWAT team
6. This manufacturing technique creates real life versions of components designed within a software package
9. Sure___, company that produces tactical flashlights used in the law enforcement and military fields
12. Man or pan followers
13. Single piece
15. Dirty Harry actor
17. ACP part
19. Type of training camp
21. Spa salt
23. Nautical miles
25. Squealer
27. Stephen King novel
28. American ___ Institute, aka Gunsite Academy
31. One immigration requirement
33. Temperature control
34. Tom___ gun
35. ___ ball, the most popular military bullet configuration throughout the Civil War
36. XD part
38. Ammunition type
40. “He’s a good ___ boy”
41. Breakfast juice
43. Muzzle-loading indirect fire weapon that fires shells at low velocities
45. The movement of the trigger before it releases
47. Border
49. 2nd Amendment supporters
50. Soybean extract
51. Road, for short
53. Stock and barrel partner
55. Radio wave
56. Technological communication advance
58. Approximate, suffix
59. __ Produkt, I.M. Metal’s new name
61. Attacks
63. Computer type
65. Not here
67. California show
68. Aka UC Berkeley
69. Enthusiastic
72. Television spot, for example
74. ___fire, flange-headed cartridge
75. The “business end” of the firearm’s barrel
76. Gun handle

1. Aka recoil
2. Having a conventional formulaic style
3. The bottom part of the grip or grip frame
4. Inside prefix
5. Raised surface along the top of a barrel that is used as a sighting plane
7. The working mechanism of a firearm that loads the cartridge
8. Milliliter
9. FN ___, series of DAO and SAO semi-automatic, polymer-framed pistols
10. “___ a Wonderful Life”
11. Wilson Combat’s new magazine
14. In the direction of
16. That is, for short
18. Land portion
20. Eye related
22. Leave out
24. Agent
26. Gleam
29. Small, for short
30. Decorate
32. Beauty salon colorer
33. Coffee time for many
34. Megabyte, for short
37. USA part?
38. Aka chamber
39. Ready, set, __!
42. ___ Cooper, the inventor of the Modern Technique of the Pistol
44. Battery size
45. Barrel diameter
46. Point, for short
48. Inert ammo
52. ABBA genre
54. Zeros
57. Finance expert
59. Injure
60. __&__ Light Hunter, best all-around hunting platform for the .44Mag cartridge
62. Bullets’ tunnel
64. Removable magazines containing cartridges
66. Sharp tool
68. ___Bon, brand of small arms ammunition produced by Dakota Ammo Incorporated
70. Artificial intelligence, abbr.
71. US car maker
72. Place, for short
73. Old British sports car

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  • Hi Louis, My wife and I enjoy doing the crossword puzzles too. You can cut and paste this web address into your browser to bring you to the puzzle. You’ll need to page down. Right below the puzzle is a link to the answers. You can also search on this website using the month and crossword to find back issues. (“December” “Crossword”). Hope this helps. Mike

  • We live in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada. In November 2008 we picked up the new issue of
    combat handguns. The issue was dated February 2009. What happened to December and January? We also completed the crossword puzzle and would love to have the answers. Other than this little glitch, we really enjoy this magazine.

    Thanks, louis