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1. The leading manufacturer of law enforcement and military firearms, last name
5. Company who first launched its LDA line of pistols in 1999
8. The governing body for much of the action/combat shooting competition conducted worldwide
11. Action, barrel, and grip connector
12. Hotshot
13. Barrel number sometimes
14. It is designed for shooter comfort
16. Against
20. To and co followers
21. Copper symbol
22. Old record
23. Go over again
27. ___laser, this company’s Reactive Sighting System is designed for short Weaver and Picatinny rails
28. Semi-automatic pistol part
29. Single
30. Parts and accessories maker for M1911 pistols
31. Medical man
33. Shows the way
35. Home of the brave
36. “Gunsite Gargantuan Gossip” author, Cooper
38. Clint Eastwood became one
40. Another type of trigger
41. High grades
44. Advise
46. Pro Aegis II 9mm maker
49. The units by which cartridge breech pressures are measured
51. Snake
53. Close to the target
54. Scale note
56. Light, for short
57. Unhappy audience noises
59. The Nambu was used by this country’s army
61. Internet laughter symbol
63. Pepper-___ revolver, Civil War era multi-shot handheld firearm
64. Welcome
65. What?
66. Mister
67. Famous doctor in film
68. Maynard Tape, e.g.
69. Muzzle velocity, for short
70. ___ base, plain base opposite

1. Nite followers, for night vision
2. Martian craft
3. Hospital show
4. Betrayer
5. Place to hang your hat
6. Mounting addition from Picatinny
7. Ammunition type
9. Customized auto pistol, ___ gun
10. Ejected after the last round
15. Cartridge
16. Halo
17. Competing groups
18. Lot of cash
19. Expression of surprise
21. Witness P. ___, this pistol uses a full-size polymer frame and compact slide
24. ___ Al airline
25. Conceal
26. ___-loader, aka semi-automatic
29. Battery size
32. Mr. Wesson
34. Small, abbr.
35. Biblical city
36. “___ head” movie
37. Service charges
39. Sound the alarm
40. Non-exploding shell
41. Assault rifle start letters
42. Simple pistol, with shot
43. GAP part
45. Atlanta locale
47. North eastern state
48. Full metal jacketed ammunition
50. Browning product
52. In an old gun, held the priming
55. Quarry’s hiding place
57. Unexciting gun part?
58. Beast of burden
59. A bullet with a jacket that does not surround the front of the bullet
60. Shoot for
62. Electrical resistance
63. Food catcher
67. Compass direction

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    It has been corrected. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  • Greg Wood

    The answers for the crossword puzzle in the November 2008 issue are wrong.

    The puzzle shown on the website is correct but the answer puzzle is the wrong one.

    Why must you torture me so?!?