Cylinder & Slide Glock 26 9mm

Since the Glock 26 was introduced it has become a…

Since the Glock 26 was introduced it has become a favorite for civilians and law enforcement officers. The little pistol has much to offer. It is only slightly larger than some traditional .380 ACPs, holds 11 rounds of 9mm, and is compact enough to be concealed in an ankle rig and even the cargo pocket of your favorite tactical pants. I purchased mine in 1995 and it quickly replaced a well-worn J-frame as my daily on-duty back-up and primary off-duty weapon.

cs1With an extra magazine in my left front pants pocket, the little Glock 26 gave me 21 rounds of high performance 9mm in a platform that was reliable and capable of engaging targets out to 25 yards. Even when I neglected it, it continued to run. I can’t remember ever having a single malfunction.

Cylinder & Slide has established a worldwide reputation for their work on 1911s, Browning Hi-Powers and for their quality custom parts. However, owner Bill Laughridge finally gave in and realized that there was a market for refining Glocks.

A look at C&S’s online catalog found 27 pages of options for the Glock family of pistols. Custom finishes include: Cerami Cote, Black T, NP3, Electroless Nickel, and Roguard. Bar-Sto match grade and drop-in barrels are offered for those who want to squeeze every bit of accuracy out of their Glock.

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