Cylinder & Slide R&D 1911 .45ACP Custom Quality Pistol Review

Accurate and reliable, the Cylinder & Slide R&D 1911 .45ACP handgun offers a custom quality package that won’t bust a budget!

The only handgun remaining from the early part of the 20th century is the M1911. All the others that were considered state-of-the-art and “most influential” at the time have long since faded into obscurity except as historical collector’s pieces. The M1911 from one manufacturer or another continues in service with many special operations units, numerous law enforcement organizations and civilians who are serious about self-defense. There are more manufacturers of M1911s today than ever. Some are mass-produced, but there is a thriving market in custom 1911s for the discerning user and one of the most notable custom makers is Bill Laughridge of Cylinder & Slide. Bill usually builds “high end” custom 1911s, but the subject of this evaluation is what is best described as a “subtle” custom 1911.

cs2.jpgGun Details
At first glance, the C&S R&D 1911 doesn’t appear to be anything unusual. It is only when one sees the list of modifications that Bill has made to Springfield Armory’s GI Model 1911 that the true nature of this pistol can be understood and appreciated. Yes, a subtle modification but still an enhancement on Springfield’s base GI Model.

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