CZ-USA P-07 Duty 9mm Pistol Review

A new breed polymer pistol, the CZ-USA P-07 Duty 9mm boasts custom details galore!


Since my introduction 11 years ago, I have always seen the CZ-USA line selling firearms at a fair price. Although still new to many shooters in America, CZ-USA has been building fine firearms since the 1930s and their rifles are some of the best I have ever shot. They produce a rather large array of pistols in a number of calibers but a polymer duty pistol is one of the few missing from the line.

cz-usa12When I received a P-07 Duty pistol to test I was certain to see the usual quality and features I have come to expect in a CZ pistol. I was surprised to find those things and so much more.

The P-07 Duty is a whole new generation of CZ pistols unlike any other CZ pistol I have ever seen before. Although it retains the slide that rides inside the frame rails, for the most part, the similarities end there. This is a completely redesigned pistol with many improvements and new features.

The first thing that struck me was the lack of sharp edges. I have carried CZ 75 variants on and off and there always seemed to be something that was sharp on the pistol. Always one of my favorite pistols, the CZ 75B SA I carried had sharp edges on the safety. After long round count days it could be painful and presented some issues with inside-the-pants carry.

The P-07 Duty has addressed that very nicely. The decocker/safety and the slide release are nice and flat on the receiver yet very easy to access. At first glance, the pistol appeared to be a very capable concealed carry pistol. I was looking forward to trying it out.

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  • Mike

    Does the surefire x300 fit securely on the P-07?

  • jonathan smith

    Went down to the local gunstore looking for an FNP40 or Sig 229. I was waiting to see a 229 when I noticed the p07(40) in the case. priced $435. I asked to see it thinking it ws going to be piece of crap. well I quickly fell in love with the ergonomics and feel. the pistol is awesome nd should cost way more. I wanted to buy tht one but it was on hold for someone else, so mine is on order. I hope it get here soon. great job CZ.

  • General Jim M

    This pistol should be much more popular than it is.I recommend that everyone go out a buy one.They are not expensive.You can find new ones for just over 400 dollars.

  • randy

    I saw the CZ 75-P07 Duty in a flyer from Cabella’s. It happened to be on sale for the weekend only, so I immediately jumped online and did some research. The P-07 has been available for about a year and a half now, but I wasn’t able to locate much info. But what little info I found, had positive feedback.
    I called Cabella’s and put one on hold, went down the next day, and bought it. While the salesman was getting the paperwork, I took the gun out of the case to get a feel for it. The pistol fits my hand perfectly. I have a Glock 22, which is very accurate, and reliable, but it doesn’t fit my hand very well. When holding the Glock, (right-handed) I have to rotate my hand around the grip to get my trigger-finger comfortable on the trigger, because the grip, and frame are too wide.
    The P-07 is only 1.5 inches wide, and the distance from the trigger to the back of the grip is very short, making it easy to hold. The sights are great, making target acquistition easy. The D/A trigger pull is a little stiff even with the new Omega trigger system, ( less moving parts, less change of failure) and the S/A trigger pull is smooth, light, and breaks easliy. I love the feel of the decocker, because it lets the hammer down into the half-cocked position gently, while other steel guns with a decocker, let the hammer slam down into the safe position. I’m sure its fine, but its un-nerving never the less.
    The P-07 delivers on accuracy with consistant 4 inch groups, at 100 feet, with open sights. (with a 3.8 inch barrel, I was impressed)
    It has no fail to feed, fire or eject problmes yet, and I love shooting it. I own an xd, and a glock, and the P-07 is just as reliable, accurate, ergonomic, and tough as they are. No disappointments here.