Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm 1911 Pistol Review

With the Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm, a classic big bore 1911 pistol gets born again!

Dan Wesson has an exceptional ability to combine innovation with tradition. Take, for example, the products the company is most often associated with, its revolvers. The wheelgun is a distinctively American handgun design, and Dan Wesson’s offerings are known for their old-fashioned quality of manufacture and extremely impressive accuracy potential.

danwess1.gifHowever, these variants are by no means traditional takes on this seminal design. Employing a unique switch-barrel system in which users can swap barrels of differing lengths on one frame, unfortunately CZ Dan Wesson revolvers were discontinued.

One of its newest offerings, the RZ-10 “Razorback” M1911 pistol chambered in 10mm, is no exception, joining an extremely small circle of contemporary 10mm M1911 pistols available on the market.

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  • Jason Lewis

    Think I’ll buy one tomorrow.

  • Scott

    Can this be fitted to chamber a 45cal ? does anyone know

  • gunfan

    I own RZ84, (#84 of the first 150 DW Razorback pistols manufactured) when Bob Serva still ran Dan Wesson. (He personally fitted the trigger on my pistol!) This is, bar none the very best pistol that I own today! (It was a gift from my wife, and a real piece of firearms history!)

    Under the management of CZ/USA, Dan Wesson’s Razorabcks are still excellent pices of ordnance.

    Now that Bob Serva owns (and runs) Fusion Firearms, his talent for building, yields some of the finest semi-custom 1911 pistols available to date!

  • Robert

    While I won’t disagree completely with “newest offerings” in the sense that you refer to the RZ-10 I would add that they have been available since 2003 in limited runs. They are great guns from a top notch company that provides unparalleled customer service.

  • ronnie

    what brand is the knife shown in the picture with the RZ 10mm