Danger of Hardball Defense Ammo Alert

One critical rule of firearms safety is that the bullet…

One critical rule of firearms safety is that the bullet must stay in its intended backstop. No responsible shooter would go to one of the older indoor shooting ranges that has a warning poster saying “LEAD BULLETS ONLY, JACKETED BULLETS CAN PIERCE BACKSTOP” and then proceed to pump hard-jacketed bullets into that frail backing.

selfdefense2.jpgOn the street, the only safe backstop for the defensive handgun’s bullets is the body of the offender. Therefore, it is not exactly responsible to be firing bullets that are likely to shoot through and through the assailant. This is one of the main reasons law enforcement in its virtual entirety has gone to expanding-bullet handgun ammunition in this country. It was a lesson written in blood.

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  • oscar

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    • Average gun owner

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  • Robert

    I have a 9mm and I use EFMJ’s by federal,which are expanding full metal jackets, they are the same size as FMJ’s feed well but expand on impact, there is a small amount of rubber directly behind the nose and they have a special shape that makes them expand.

  • Buy the 2008 Combat Handguns Magazine at your local “Big Mart” and read this article.

    I did and it has totally changed what I will put in my handguns for personal defense.

    Massa Ayoob wrote the article and it could keep you from hurting innocent people you never wanted to hurt as you try to save your own(and theirs)life.

    Ayoob big message?

    Never,EVER use Full Metel Jacketed bullets in a self defense handgun.

    They shoot through too often.

    But you should read that article,there’s so much more information than just that,in it.

    Thank you to Massad Ayoob and Combat Handguns Magazine for publishing it.

    Together,they probably saved alot of lives by doing that.

  • I was just about ready to buy a 9mm handgun for personal defense and stoke it with hardball ammo for reliability reasons.
    Well,I bought the weapon but will only use the ball rounds for practice,if the gun does’nt reliably feed jhp’s round or the like,I won’t use it for personal defense.

    I’ll use my .38 snub loaded with jhp or the like rounds.NO FMJ rounds.

    I bought the May 2008 issue of Combat Handguns
    Magazine at the local “Big” Mart.

    Excellent article by one of the smartest people writing about handguns in the world,Massad Ayoob.

    Anyone that wants to protect their loved ones and themselves from the horror of shooting innocent people while trying to save someones life should read this article.

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  • Phil

    I am trying to locate the new york times article referenced in this magazine article about “danger of Hardball Defense Ammo Alert” by Massad Ayoob. I work for a South Florida Police Department and we have been looking for statistics like this for a while. Any help in trying to locate the authors reference material would be of great help. Thanks in advance!