Combat Handguns December 2010

FEATURES SMITH & WESSON BODYGUARDS by David Bahde Next generation…

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Next generation of concealed carry in a lightweight revolver and pocket pistol!

WILSON COMBAT X-TAC .45 ACP by Rob Garrett
Coming to grips with a revolutionary evolution of the classic 1911!

FMK 9C1 BILL OF RIGHTS 9mm by Mike Beliveau
Patriotic powerhouse for defending yourself, your loved ones and your rights!

DESERT EAGLE 1911G .45 ACP by Daniel T. McElrath
New solid 1911 with proven features—a tackdriver at an affordable price point!

FNH USA FNP-45 TACTICAL .45 ACP by Rob Garrett
Built and bred for the U.S. Military—it’s an ultimate home defense handgun!

SPRINGFIELD EMP 9mm by Richard Nance
Enhanced Micro Pistol proves to be much more than simply a cut-down 1911!

DIAMONDBACK DB380 by Daniel T. McElrath
Rugged .380 ACP deep-cover pocket pistol!

GUARDIAN .32 NAA by Dave Spaulding
NAA’s dynamic duo—the ultra-compact Guardian and the blazing .32 NAA cartridge!


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Wheelguns — Ruger Security-Six .357 Mag

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Gunsite Gossip — A Jeff Cooper retrospective

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