The squared-off triggerguard of the DB9 houses the pistol’s smooth…

The squared-off triggerguard of the DB9 houses the pistol’s smooth DAO trigger. Diamondback’s DB9 provides seven total rounds of full-power 9mm in an amazingly small package, providing for the ultimate in concealed carry.

The ubiquity of pocket pistols cannot be avoided. While they are everywhere, most are relegated to the arguably underpowered .380 ACP. But there is no need to despair as several manufacturers now offer micro-pistols in the significantly more powerful 9mm cartridge.

Among these is a new offering from Diamondback Firearms: the DB9—a 9mm striker-fired, double-action-only, locked breech, recoil operated, semi-automatic pistol with 6+1 round capacity. This gun is a slightly beefed-up version of the firm’s .380 ACP pistol, and I do mean slightly—barely more than a third of an inch longer and less than a quarter of an inch taller than its smaller cousin and adds only 2 ounces in weight.

A true striker-fired gun, the Diamondback’s “Zero-Energy” system provides an added level of safety.

Gun Details
Despite its diminutive size, the DB9 packs six rounds of 9mm and keeps all of the ingenious features that have made the original DB380 so popular. The frame is a glass-reinforced polymer, and the barrel and slide are made from billet 4140 through-hardened steel, machined out of a solid block of chromoly. The slide and barrel are designed using Finite Element Analysis, a method that measures the elasticity and structural integrity of mechanical parts to ensure their strength and durability. Internally, the dual telescoping recoil springs inside are extremely effective but make for a stiff slide.

Disassembly is straightforward, while the dual recoil springs ensure reliable operation.

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