The difference between an intruder inside your home versus just…

The difference between an intruder inside your home versus just outside of it can be vast in the eyes of some jurors.

There seems to be danger outside the doors of your home. Being “the man of the house,” your natural mammalian instinct to “protect the nest” kicks in. To make sure your family won’t be threatened, you open the door to check things out. In a matter of seconds, things go downhill. You have to draw and fire your gun in self-defense. You prevail and survive…good for you!

But soon now—perhaps very soon—someone is going to ask, “Why didn’t you just stay inside where you’d be safe? Were you, like, looking for trouble?” What will your answer be?

Identifying the Syndrome
Case One: On October 17, 1972, one of the most controversial armed citizen shootings in the last 20 years occurred in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In an increasingly crime-ridden neighborhood, a young husband and father heard his wife scream in terror that men were trying to break in. She shouted for him to get a gun. He grabbed the only loaded handgun in the house, a .44 Mag hunting revolver he kept secured from the kids, and ran to her aid.
Flinging open the front door, he saw a man walking away from him in the dim light. Suddenly, the man spun toward him and advanced, moving in a strange and jerky fashion. The homeowner could see a metallic object in the oncoming stranger’s hand, and shouted, “Freeze,” but the man kept coming. At close range, the homeowner fired one shot from the doorway.

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  • ohiogunner

    It’s all about using your head ! A wise man once told me ( 25 year out swat officer ) if you shoot don’t be kind dead man doesn’t stand trial to well unload a clip in him. You only have a split sec. Don’t waste it!
    p.s. let’s hope atleast the punk doesn’t have his coward back turned to you that doesn’t look to well! haha shoot smartly!! ohiogunner

  • Packeryman

    He was being threatened, if he stopped him in one shot then he would not have needed to shoot him anymore, but if he kept coming then the threat is still there and needs to continue shooting until there is no more threat. In other words he only needs to use as much force as necessary to stop this life threating force. Here in TX we have the Castle Law, You are allowed to protect yourself in home or auto if there is an intruder.The law protects you from anti gunners/ gives you civil protection against law suits brought by the criminal or family. In other words you have the right to protect life and property. We no longer coddle criminals. Remember the case in Pasadena TX where the guy shot the criminal house breaking illegals that decided to come after him. His 12 gauge shotgun put those two bad guys 6ft under. Enough said, we have sensible gun laws here.

  • General Jim M

    Shoot the wise ass lawyers who turn decent people defending themselves into criminals.I know,i know,you can’t really shoot them.But what a nicer world it would be with a huge reduction in predatory,corrupt,amoral lawyers.