Dreaded Double Feed Step-By-Step Solutions

I’ve seen it dozens of times. A shooter’s pistol stops…

I’ve seen it dozens of times. A shooter’s pistol stops firing, they pull it back toward their chest for a look and notice the slide is out of battery with brass showing. Some will smack the back of the slide with their palm, while others will smack the magazine. Trained shooters will tap the magazine and rack the slide. When this fails to return the slide to its proper closed position, nine out of ten shooters will stare quizzically at the firearm before beginning some sort of remedial action. This normally follows a string of expletives that I cannot print here.

doublefeed2Those who are thoroughly trained will lock the slide to the rear, strip out the magazine in question, clear the stoppage, reinsert a fresh magazine and continue to shoot. This solution is the preferred method for clearing the dreaded double-feed stoppage.

Cycle Interruptions
The cycle of operation for a standard semi-automatic handgun is as follows: firing, unlocking, extracting, ejecting, cocking, feeding, chambering and locking. Any unintentional interruption in the cycle of operation is a stoppage.

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