EAA Sarsilmaz K2 .45 ACP (Video)

Accurate, dependable and affordable, the 15-shot EAA Sarsilmaz K2 proves to be a Turkish delight!

The EAA K2 .45 ACP, available stateside through EAA, has been used by the Turkish armed forces for a number of years. The sample shown here, chambered in .45 ACP, is shown equipped with a SureFire X400 WeaponLight.

My introduction to European American Armory (EAA) occurred in the late 1990s, when I first started working in the retail gun business. Already a confirmed 10mm adherent, the Witness in 10mm caught my eye. Not only was it comfortable to hold but recoil was minimal given the chambering, and even the stock trigger was excellent.

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Another intriguing part of the design was its double-action/single-action (DA/SA) trigger mechanism. Designed to be carried cocked-and-locked, if the hammer was down you could still press the trigger to fire a round. Call it a “double-strike” capability if you want, but it was different, and practical.

A good deal of range time was spent with that pistol, and a number went out the door with incredibly happy customers. Not only were they pretty solid pistols, they were well priced and within reach for most shooters. EAA has always strived to provide solid weapons at a reasonable price and have done so for many years.

The slide has serrations on the rear and is fitted with an LPA adjustable rear sight above its Commander-style hammer.

Gun Details
Now available from EAA is the Sarsilmaz K2—an all-steel DA/SA combat pistol built for the Turkish military. This particular pistol was chambered in .45 ACP. This is not some new company, and this is not really a new pistol. Sarsilmaz has been building light arms for 131 years and is the sole supplier of pistols to the Turkish Armed Forces. They are also one of the largest arms producers in Europe. The K2 was rather broadly based upon the CZ-75 pistols, one of the most prolific pistols around, having been proven in service for years. Sarsilmaz builds these pistols at a state-of-the-art facility in Turkey using the latest in CAD/CAM and CNC technology. They are well built and easily some of the toughest pistols out there.

The front sight of the EAA Sarsilmaz K2 in .45 ACP features an especially large and visible white dot, aiding its sight picture.

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  • Turk

    Many morons here who will not buy a gun because it was made in a foreign country that has been our ally much longer than Israeli! I bought this last year and it might be the best .45 ACP I’ve ever owned (great choice for LE’s/Tactical Units).

    Turks are in the process of overtaking Sig and Benelli within 10 years as they are building a 1 billion sq.f, $4 billion R&D center for defense, nanotechnology, nuclear, medicine, and particle acceleration just like CERN. Turkish scientist, many of them females with advanced degrees from the US, are now working at these gun manufactures in Turkiye with state-of-the-art equipment. They actually get down to the molecular level with high powered microscopes during the design/build phase to produce some of the best firearms in the next few years. Quality (“Do It Right The First Time”) is now the forefront of Turkish manufactures such as Sarsilmaz and Zigana, made by TISAS.

  • mark91

    reply Steve Says about Bush Family.
    Steve there were a lot of People who supported Adolph Hitler through money and vocally. Joseph Kennedy, Henery Ford are but a few examples.

    Than We Have FDR President of The United States Of America, he was a Adolph Hitler supporter in the early days.

    Sir Winstin Churchill was also a early supporter of Adolph Hitler, he even stated that Hitler could go down as one of the greatest leaders in the history of europe.

    Col. Charles Lineburgh resigened his commission from the army aircorps over a dispute with fdr administration, when the war broke out, he tried to get back in the service, Steve The Fdr Administration declined they felt he was a nazi agent.

    Col. Lineburgh went to work for the U.S. Navy they were intrested in a twin engine piston fighter, he went to the south pacific to work with Army Airforce Pilots who were flying the P-38 Lightning twin engine fighter, it range at the time was 900 miles and was a gas hog, he spent four months in theater he is credited with doubling the range of the P-38 Lightning and saving fuel, it went from a 900 mile range to 1800
    miles. while there he did engage a Jap Zero and Blew it out of the sky, The Fdr administration ordered him home after that, by the way his work led to one of the best twin engine fighters ever built, the F7 Tigercat, its range was 2000 miles.
    The point is people fell for Heir Hitler and when they found out what he was about they changed.

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    The fact is Hitler was an idot, he declared war on us,in the hopes that Jap would invade the Soviet Union.

    That is when the Germans lost the war.

  • mark91

    My Late Father was a Former Marine and A Korean War Combat Veteran, He had a Healthy Respect for the Turkish Armed Forces, he described them as Fierce Allies and Hard Nosed warriors.
    He also asked me to keep an Eye for A turkish Mauser Bayonet that had been converted to fit on the M1 Garand, He stated they were superior to ours, said we would trade for them.
    I have just bought the Sar K2 in 45 Acp. Its steel
    and its heavy and if you run out of Ammo you can use it as a hammer and Buffalo the Attacker.
    it is well made and for me I like the Hammer which is said to be Colt Commander Like.

  • Steve

    General Jim,
    The Bush family (GW’s father, W’s grandfather) backed and lent money to Adolf in WWII, even while we were engaged in war. Your “allies of our enemies” doesn’t hold much water now, does it? Or do you now hate the Bush family, who are currently trillionaires due to Arab oil trading? The Bushes were major powers in globalizing our economy and $upporting US corporations to go build factories overseas (gutting American blue collar jobs by the way). Talk about studying your history.

    Where a commodity comes from means less to globalists than capturing the flow of money at maximal profit. If the K2 is a reliable weapon that can save a life, it is a proper tool. Not having a proper supply chain to support it in this country should give caution however. I’m still looking for a quality affordable .45, wherever it comes from. It’s a global economy, and that likely will never change in our lifetime.

  • Gnuawlins

    For those who are squimish about owning a “muslim gun” and fear holy war, remember an old general’s saying, “What better way to best an enemy that to strike him down with his own sword.”

  • Best gun, very accurate and smooth shots. Looks good, 450 rounds in range no failure, same gun coast in Turkey about $1700 so you guys are lucky you can get that gun so cheap. If some one thinking about to buying one don’t worries gun worth every pennys.

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  • Casey Math

    I don’t care who makes the pistol I defend myself with, politics would be the last thing on my mind in such an incident.
    I have a good deal of experience in shooting the K2 and carry mine daily. If Osama Bin Laden made the gun that saved my life I wouldn’t care. It is a tool not a political statement. Hell, we have a President that wasnt made in this country for Gods sake.

  • Scott Thompson

    It looks like an impressive handgun. However, I don’t take any douchebag seriously that does the ultra-gay methodical ‘tactical scan’ after a string of fire.

  • Wanna K2-45

    Also what about spare parts, like extractor, roll pins and springs primarily.

  • Wanna K2-45

    Wonder if the Para Ord P14 work with the K2-45

  • mas

    Turks stayed neutral and were backing Germany in WW2 while all the others were fighting.

  • Kostas

    To those of you who want to know a little history


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  • LtCol.JamesP Mueller

    The video above is kinda funny. It shows you the pistol real slow, like it’s a hot chick or something.You shoot a pistol,you don’t sleep with it.At least i hope you don’t.

  • K2 fan

    General Jim, maybe you are the one who needs to better study history.

    The modern Republic of Turkey was founded by Auto Turk who believed the country could evolve as a secular democracy. He banned many Muslim symbols like the fez. He was at war with the former Sultanate that once ruled the atomen empire as a Muslim Empire.

    Today the military and its industries are a strong stabalizing force in the country. Turkey is a strong NATO Allie unlike the formerly Catholic French. You need to travel maybe a little and understand western values are no longer defended in Western Europe. Catholic clergy are banned in French school along with any religious symbol.

    Just bought the K2-45 and love it! General Jim you stay with the French and I can stay with our friends the Turks!

  • Ben

    If you’re so against buying things from Islamic nations perhaps you should stop putting gas in your car, and as far as the K2 is concerned I have shot one and loved it the only problem is tracking down spare magazines.

  • Anthony

    Any info on spare magazines? Will other CZ mags be compatible?

  • General Jim M

    Everyone has to be PC these days.Aren’t the Turks the former allies of our enemies of WW1? Didn’t they exterminate Armenians? Aren’t they the killers of Kurds?Aren’t they known for cruelty to captives and rape of captives?Didn’t the Turks try to conquer Europe through Austria and didn’t they murder lots of balkan people?The Turks were one of the most aggressive muslim nations against the non muslim world.Why don’t you ask the Turks if they thought they could get away with it would they kill every Jew on Earth.Hitler’s most murderous SS unit was a muslim unit.Turkey is not our friend, it is a pathway to the further invasion of present day europe by muslims.The Turks are not muslims just like the Egyptians are not.For a very short period of time Turkey is called our “ally”,for centuries they were our enemies.Go ahead buy the gun,me i’ll buy the Austrian Glock,or the Croatian XD,American M&P,Swiss SIG, Israeli Jericho or a Kimber 1911.I suggest that you read your history….but,maybe you’re a Turk.

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  • semiami

    Hey Jim , Do you have any idea how many Turkish soldier died to support U.S. military in Korea ?
    Read my friend read ! education is everything .
    You must study American history and than decide who to support or chose as an enemy.
    RedMike On Be Half of Turkish Nation with all my respect i salute you .
    I shot K2 45 and I am loving it . Amazing accuracy ,quality and price .
    Check out Sarsilmaz booth at the shot show 2012 I heard that They have a new revolutionary gun .. Same frame 3 calibers .

    Best regards .

  • RedMike

    Hey Private Jim, The Turks have been one of (our) America’s staunchest allies since WWII. Thrie religion has NOTHING to do with anything, unless you are an ignorant racist. They were staunch against Iraq, and still base our short range nucs inside their borders, as well as being a strong NATO member.
    You, clearly, are just an idiot.

    This is a good gun for a great price!

  • General Jim M

    I guess no one liked my comment about not buying guns from an Islamic nation.If you want a CZ 75,buy a CZ75.Buy your guns from western nations.

  • Dave Coffield

    This weapon is so similar to the Witness, I’d almost call it a new version of same. Available in 10mm, this looks like a “must have” for me. The the weaknesses of the Witness weren’t addressed in your article(although two of them are fairly well known) 1) Can night sights be installed? With a dovetailed/pinned front sight, I’m guessing the answer is yes….it’s just a matter of finding one that is compatible. 2) Will we see the swaging where the harder slide recoils against the softer frame (after 500-800 rounds), and 3)a lesser known flattening of one of the rear-most roll pins will cause a failure to feed after 1,000 rounds under certain conditions (it took a former Texas DPS armorer, Darrell Pocock, 10mm enthusiast, and Witness competitor to discover that one). If only weakness number one is addressed, this handgun is a tremendous buy. Accurate out of the box, heavy enough to absorb full power 10mm for a comfortable shoot(and quick follow-up shots)and a bargain for the pocketbook,this may be one of the best offerings on the market today. In 10mm it offers 15 rounds of near .41 magnum power. Let that sink in…. Hopefully a compact version is in the works.