Fanny Pack Gun Carry

Last issue I discussed hot weather concealed carry. As a…


Last issue I discussed hot weather concealed carry. As a follow-up, I wanted to take a look at the fanny pack as an option worthy of your serious consideration. I think it offers some real advantages when the temperature dictates you wear a single layer of clothing. For-instance: As this is being written (early June) the southeast is undergoing a major heat wave. In the small town in North Carolina where I live, it’s supposed to reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit today. Fanny pack weather for sure. As a summer bonus the fanny pack solves the problem of how to carry your spare ammo concealed and it does away with the problem of perspiration coming in contact with your handgun.

survival-savvy.gifWe might as well tackle the biggest complaint most often heard as a negative for this method of concealed handgun carry: If you are wearing a fanny pack everybody knows you have a gun. As with most general observations we need to factor in maybe or maybe not, but certainly this is most likely not always the case. More to the point, we need to decide for ourselves, is this something we need to concern ourselves with, or do we take it into consideration and then move on? I suspect it will depend on how you answer these questions. Are you concerned that a gun-savvy person might think you are armed? Are you concerned that a bad guy might think you are armed? Some consider a vest to be a good option, but in really hot weather, doesn’t a vest draw more attention than the fanny pack? Will it work for you in your area?

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  • Willy Chee

    If you are paranoid that some will assume your fanny pack houses a weapon, sewing some Red Cross, “First Aid Kit” patches works to throw people off and God knows mine packs big medicine!

    • MrApple

      Slap on a “O” for Obama patch or some other Liberal nonsense and they will never look twice at you.

  • the fanny pack does not give detail of the backside of the pack. what is the two belt like straps one one each side used for. each is sowed at the ends two inches long. It is between the mag pouches.

  • Mike Berry

    Fanny packs have never been very fashionable.
    If I see a man wearing one I automatically assume that he’s Packing.
    Women out jogging,that could be a whole different story.
    With the availability of “compact” concealed carry weapons & inside the waistband holsters – what’s the point ?

  • Bob Lee Swagger

    I’m looking for a pack that will allow either hand, same side/cross body draw. does anyone know if the Tommy’s Vertical pack will allow for that?

  • Ed Mike Marin here long time no see fanny pack great way to conceal. its been a while please shoot me a E-mail

  • Helen

    Where can I get the fanny pack gun carry.?

  • Robert Bradford

    Several years ago a friend of mine got me a waist pack for carrying a .380. It closes with velcro on the part that carries the gun, and then there is a zipper compartment that you can carry a clip in. He told me that he got it at a place called Special Weapons Products in either Pomona or Irvine. I can’t locate the place he’s talking about. Do you have anything like what I’m describing?
    Thank you.


    The pack with the blue gun in it is the TDI Fanny Pack. View it & purchase it here: and read more about it here:

    The Pack pictured on the gentlemen’s waist is an Uncle Mike’s product. You may locate it by visiting

    The leather pack pictured in the same image as the TDI fanny pack is a Galco product. You may view it by visiting

  • tommy stephens

    I would also like to know the answers to the first 2 questions posted. Thanks, Tommy

  • tommy stephens

    I would also like to know the answers to all 5 questions posted. Thanks, Tommy

  • KS

    What kind of pack is that in the picture with the blue practice pistol in it. It is exactly what we are looking for.

  • Dennis Bible

    What brand pack is pictured on the gentleman’s belt? Looks like he is pulling a Glock out of it.

  • Butch

    Galco carrys the fanny gun packs for a lot of models

  • Rev. Richard Collins

    I have read Ed Lovette’s article on “Fanny Pack Gun Carry” from the November issue. Great article but he didn’t tell where to go to find the Tommy’s gun pack. I am looking for a hot weather alternative and want to look at this fanny pack. Where do I go to find it? I will thank you ahead of time for a quick response.
    I love your magazine and read every issue.
    Rich Collins