The Firestorm 38’s short, 2-inch barrel makes it an ideal…

The Firestorm 38’s short, 2-inch barrel makes it an ideal option for concealed carry.

While many of today’s newer handgun shooters have little appreciation for revolvers, there is still a substantial market out there of folks who prefer the double-action (DA) “wheelgun” to the autopistol. When I started my law enforcement career in 1976, the revolver was still the mainstay of uniformed and plainclothes officers. In today’s world, cop’s holsters usually contain a high-capacity pistol, while revolvers are generally relegated to back-up/off-duty use and are normally the small frame “snub-nose” type. Most of the new revolvers that I have seen introduced in the past few years have been of the small to medium-sized variety, with the days of “Dirty Harry” having come to an end back in the mid-to-late 1980’s.

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Among the latest revolvers to come on the scene is the Firestorm 38 from Eagle Imports and is part of the company’s Firestorm line of handguns. Over the years I have tested several Firestorm products and have been impressed with their quality and affordability. Today’s Firestorm offerings include a small DA .380 ACP pistol, along with the Mini-Firestorm Pro series of compact DA self-loaders in 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP.

Although the Firestorm 38 comes with a spurless hammer it is not double-action-only and can be fired in the single-action mode.

The Firestorm 38, the first revolver to be made available from Eagle Imports, is of all-steel construction with extensive use made of investment castings. It chambers six rounds of .38 Special and, due to its rugged build, is rated for the use of high-pressure +P cartridges. Like the other Eagle Imports handguns, the Firestorm 38 is an import made by Arms Corporation of the Philippines.

Bianchi #5 Black Widow belt slide (top) with Galco 2X2X2X ammo pouch, and Sticky Holsters MD-5 with Bianchi Speed Strips and HKS 10A Speedloader worked well with the FSR 38. William Bell Photo

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  • This little Firestorm 38 hidden hammer pistol is the gun to have. It is rugged, easy to conceal, and shoots .38-P rounds. I have shot over 100 rounds theough mine with no problems at all. For the price, it is an excellent little .38 which is the cal I like best. I am an old retired cop that always carried my S&W Model 15. I lost my service revolver in a fire. This little .38 gives me the close up security I would ever need and the +P has the knockdown power of my old S&W Mod 15. I don’t need a semi-auto but I do have a Bersa Thunder 380 7 round ciip. I have six clips as I rotate them every week to keep the spring in the clip healthy so it does not jam. But I use my .38 for everyday protection with only 6 rounds. If I can’t hit my target at 15 ft away, I should’nt own a gun the way I figure it. I don’t expect to get in a shootout, as my little Firestorm is just to protect me from a close up deadly encounter.

  • zach

    it seems like a great gun for people who can afford colts etc i have one i like it its reliable and a like time warranty and it is single action as well! i havent put many rounds through mine but im definetly am going to soon lol,yes its made by armscorp and armscorp makes rockisland 1911s i would love to have one!

  • zacho

    where do i find speed loaders for this

  • JS

    Well, I took my Firestorm 38 special to the range today and shot it for the first time. All I can say is…..about average at best. First off the cylinder release is kind of sticky. It works but you kind of have to gently force it closed sometimes. Another matter was I had the cylinder over rotate on 2 separate occasions during my double action trigger pull to the point that the firing pin didn’t make contact with the bullet primer. In other words, no bang. I shot about 60 rounds through the gun. The gun also shoots a little to the left. After offsetting and using Kentucky windage I was pretty much on target. For the most part it went bang, but until I shoot it some more and find out how reliably it holds up, this gun will be a trail gun or a glove box gun. I will stick with my Taurus 327 federal mag as my CCW. My 327 fed shoots flawlessly after many hundreds of rounds.

  • JS

    I believe these guns are made by the same company that makes the Armscor revolvers. Armscor revolvers are generally pretty descent and reliable, so I would assume these Firestorms would be equivalent in quality. I’ve got a Firestorm 38 special on order that I’m waiting for to come in. I couldn’t beat the sale price of $181.00 plus tax NIB.

  • bill martin

    In the top picture your Firestorm .38 has a aftermarket grip would you please let me know what it is or what grips would fit this gun. I have a Rock Island .45 1911 Tactical that I love and there both made by the same company and after market grips made for a colt 1911 fit it perfect. Will a aftermaket smith and wesson .38 snubnose fit the Firestorm?
    Thank you,
    Bill Martin

  • Sorian

    @Gregory – Eagle Imports imports this revolver from Arms Corporation of the Philippines

    @Awlhattin O’Kaddle – Granted, it will not win a beauty contest, it is hard to beat a gun that is reliable. Plus, if it is really needed, has a lifetime service warranty to first owner.

    @Tactical-life – the semi-auto pistols are DA/SA not DA only.

  • Gregory

    Looks like something that should have “MADE IN CHINA” stamped on it!

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Look at the photo of the back end of this piece. There isn’t a ‘finished’ part on it. Check out the Gap just above the ‘wheel’ release button.
    This was probably cobbled together at the Old Subic Bay facility by a gang of 12 & 14 year olds.