The FNX-9 is a polymer framed, high-capacity semi-automatic pistol that…

The FNX-9 is a polymer framed, high-capacity semi-automatic pistol that operates on a cam-lock system. It is ambidextrous, lightweight and comes with additional interchangeable backstraps. There is also a lanyard loop located at the base of the backstrap and an accessory rail for attaching a light or laser combo, such as this LaserMax Uni-Max Red.

When FNH USA invited me to compete in the Mid-West Three Gun match last May, one of the firearms they supplied me with was their FNX-9 handgun. FNH USA offers two versions of the FNX-9, which is a polymer framed, high-capacity semi-automatic pistol that operates on a cam-lock system like the Glock and Browning Hi-Power. One version has a stainless steel slide, the other a black finished slide and both come in a hard-sided case with two magazines, one backstrap installed (four total), instructions and a gunlock.

Gun Details
FNX-9’s low-profile rear sight is snag-free, has two white dots and is dovetailed into the slide.
Unlike many polymer pistols, the FNX-9 is not a striker-fired handgun; it has a real, honest to goodness hammer and a trigger without an actuation lever. Aside from the trigger and hammer, there are four controls on the FNX-9. Amazingly, three of these are ambidextrous. The takedown lever, which you could argue is not really a control at all, is positioned on the left side of the frame.

The magazine release is located in the usual place on the grip at the rear of the triggerguard. It’s ambidextrous and protrudes form the grip frame the same distance on either side. You can depress it with either your thumb or trigger finger. I could do both without altering my grip, and don’t recall ever firing another gun I could do that with.

The slide lock lever is positioned directly above the magazine release, on both sides of the pistol. There is a slight build up at the front and rear of the slide lock to guard against inadvertent activation. The lever is small but easy to locate, with recesses cut into both sides of the slide for the slide lock lever to engage. However, only the lock on the left slide of the frame actually holds the slide open.

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  • Julie

    I am a left-handed female that is about to buy my first gun!!
    This is the one I have chosen to go with!! At first I was going to get the FNP-9 but then came across the FNX-9 and changed my mind.
    It is very clean looking and I like the fact that it’s fully ambidextrous. (for those times when I go shooting with friends and we want to switch with each other or if I want to sell it)
    I’m seeing nothing but good reviews and I can’t wait to get it!

  • Ryan Parker

    I just purchased an FNX-9. I have only put about 150 rounds through it as of this writing, but I love it so far. I liked your article but I have to tell you that the slide does indeed have lock notches on both the left and righ sides. You CAN lock it open from the right side… just try harder there Rich. 🙂