This vertical foregrip-approved beast is capable and controllable!

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Franklin Armory’s XO-26 legally wears a vertical forward grip, has excellent accuracy and tames a stomping round for fun shooting. Shown here with Aimpoint Micro Red Dot sight and Streamlight TLR-1 HP light.

I have reviewed enough AR-type pistols to have definite ideas about them—I like ’em! Not only are they fun to shoot, I consider them excellent Personal Defensive Weapons (PDW) for use by bodyguards, homeowners, or anyone looking for improved accuracy and power over a traditional handgun. With proper techniques, they can provide excellent rapid-fire accuracy and controllability, and not too shabby accuracy at extended distances with slower fire. In a car or house, where the AR pistol could be stored for quick access, these shooters can get the job done for anyone!


After hearing about Franklin Armory’s XO-26, I checked their website and found they were from California and shipping AR pistols with vertical forward grips! The pistol is offered in 5.56mm NATO, 7.62x39mm or .450 Bushmaster.

I was surprised not only at the breadth of the chamberings offered (particularly the .450 model which I planned to test), but also the fact they are made in California and can accept vertical forward grips. Firstly, California is not considered a hotbed of “black rifle” production. And, “everyone” knows a vertical forward grip on an AR pistol ist verboten—a federal crime, in fact!

The barrel and direct impingement gas system are surrounded by a free-float 6061-T6 aluminum YHM Specter Length Quad Rail forend.


  • Terry Stafford

    I am confused about this statement “And, “everyone” knows a vertical forward grip on an AR pistol ist verboten—a federal crime, in fact!”. I thought that a manufacturer could register a pistol with a fore-grip installed a an AOW classification for $5 instead of the $200 tax stamp required after initial transfer. Could you research the class III regulations before stating thins as fact?

  • JH

    The pictures arent showing up.

  • shotgunnr

    its illegal why?????? Tell the OGA to suck it.

  • Cymond

    “And, “everyone” knows a vertical forward grip on an AR pistol ist verboten—a federal crime, in fact!”

    Is that seriously how this article ends? By saying the design is illegal? No explanation of why it is legal, despite common “knowledge”? It seems more like a transitioning point than a closing statement. Is there a 2nd page of the article I don’t see?