Gear Up For Training School

In my reviews and columns, I devote a good deal…


In my reviews and columns, I devote a good deal of time discussing various ways to train at home and at your local gun range. Shooting skills are perishable and if you don’t maintain them they will diminish over time. In a defensive situation you can’t call time-out and fire off a couple of magazines to warm up. Conversely, if you are a hunter and haven’t fired a shot since the previous year’s season, don’t expect your marksmanship skills to be what they once were.

training.gifWith that being said, whether you shoot a handgun, rifle, or shotgun, you will only be as good as the instruction or training you have received. Books and DVDs on shooting are useful, but they provide knowledge, not skill. Skill is derived from the combination of knowledge and practice.

If you desire to be a good, very good, or excellent shooter you need to get out of your own little world and seek out professional instruction of some sort. The critique of an experienced teacher can take you from being a mediocre shooter and put you on the path to excellence.

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