Getting an Eyeful

Between sales meetings, I decided to grab some lunch at…

Between sales meetings, I decided to grab some lunch at a fast food restaurant. I was sitting in my car, listening to a new CD I had bought and it was a warm day, so I had the driver’s side window rolled down. While I was busy stuffing my face with burgers and fries, I didn’t notice the guy who approached my parked car. He said something to the effect of, “Are you from around here?” I said with a positive tone in my voice, “No, I’m not, and I’m also quite busy, so unfortunately I can’t talk right now.” He responded with “Why not? I thought we could get really close, really soon.”

As I began to start the car, he tried to open my car door (luckily, I always keep it locked) I quickly grabbed my little .38 revolver that I keep holstered in a thigh band holster under my skirt. As soon as he saw my hand on my revolver he took off running. I don’t take it too well when anyone tries to get in my car. I solved that problem without even having to draw my revolver. I find the thigh band holster is very easy to access under my business skirt and my boyfriend thinks it’s sexy, too!

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