Glock 30SF .45ACP Review

The Glock 30SF .45ACP is comfortable and concealable with a big bore punch!


Glock has continued on with the solidly successful SF design, first introduced in the Model 21, now with a more compact version, the Model 30SF. Displayed at the 2008 SHOT Show, the G30SF may just be the perfect combination for everyday carry. The differences between the SF version and the original G30 are subtle, yet significant. We’ll look at the differences and how the model has developed over the years.

glock2.jpgFull disclosure here, this writer has been working with and around Glocks for over 15 years. I believe I have a fair amount of experience, but not prejudice. I still admire old handguns for their beauty and utility, and newer custom pistols from the likes of Baer, Brown, Heinie and Laughridge. But when the day begins, it’s a Glock (or two), I strap on.

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  • Lionel Reyes

    I have a g30 that i acquired in 1998. I love this piece, no significant felt recoil,concealable,accurate & reliable. It won me some awards in my IDPA competition days.

    I hope i could get my hand on this new G30 SF model.I wouldn’t hesitate to put some good money on this piece.


  • ed

    I have shot the g30 before and fell in love with it the recoil was less then eny 9mm i have ever shot and have shot alot of 9mm because its my favorite at that the time but the g30 is at the top of my list cant waite to get one of my own one and look to shoot g30sf and i think it will be better yet