Glock 39 .45 GAP | Glock 39

The Glock 39 .45 GAP gives big-bore firepower in a “baby” package—a second look!

GLOCK makes such an array of pistols to fill every niche, from 9mm to .357SIG and .45ACP, in models ranging from full and mid-size, to the compact “Baby GLOCKs,” and even “slim-line” models. Is there any need for another model or two?

glock-39-024.jpgWhen I first caught wind of the “.45GAP” (GLOCK Automatic Pistol) my first thought was, “Why?” Was there a need for this round? Was this just another gimmick to sell guns, or even a wildcat round destined to fade into history to only a fizzle, like the .41AE? Was there any need for the legendary .45ACP to be supplemented?

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