Heavy Security Team Rifle

A couple of years ago in this column I discussed…

A couple of years ago in this column I discussed the carbine that had the best features for a security team. At the time, I chose a 5.56mm carbine that offered a good tradeoff for CQC (close quarter combat) and countersniper usage. In fact, I specifically zeroed it for 77-grain Black Hills loads to give it more range. Recently, though, I’ve been thinking there’s the possibility of having to engage attackers at longer ranges and in vehicles. Thus, a heavier carbine would be called for.

vip2.jpgIn Iraq, many teams just pick up AKs that are readily available and are quite inexpensive. Even though I am a great fan of AK47s and AK74s as battle rifles, which will continue to perform under horrendous conditions, they are not very useful in the countersniper role except for a Dragunov.

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