Hip, Pocket or Waistband

We’ll look at a hip holster by Blade-Tech, a pocket…

We’ll look at a hip holster by Blade-Tech, a pocket holster by Galco, and an inside-the-pants holster by DeSantis.

handgun2.jpgBlade-Tech D/OH
Blade-Tech is known for excellent holsters made from Kydex. Kydex may be either heated until it is pliable enough to be shaped, or it may be injection molded. Their model D/OH, (Dropped and Offset Holster), uses both methods of construction. The open top pouch, cut low in front for a fast draw, is constructed by heating the sheet Kydex then forming it for a 1911. The pouch fully encloses the triggerguard for safety and includes a sight tunnel for sharp-edged front sights. The gun butt is presented for a full shooting grip with first hand contact. Security with the open top holster is provided by two adjustable tension devices placed at the rear edge of the pouch. The pouch has been hot molded for a perfect fit with the 1911 autopistol.

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