Home Invasion– Be Ready

I was sleeping soundly when the shrill alarm pierced the…

I was sleeping soundly when the shrill alarm pierced the air. The next thing I was consciously aware of was standing at the end of the driveway by the mailbox and putting on a sweat suit over my pajamas to keep warm. On my flight from my bedroom I had unconsciously grabbed my gym bag that always hangs on the door and contains sweat pants, sweatshirt, wool socks, and a wool blanket. My two sisters were wrapping themselves in the wool blanket, my mother was on her cell phone with 911, and my father had just finished a perimeter check of the house and was proceeding to back the car down the driveway for us to take refuge in until the fire truck arrived. It all happened in the blink of an eye and without any thought. We had gone over our fire drill so often we all knew just what to do and even ripped groggily from our beds at two in the morning, our unconscious minds led us to safety.

streetsmarts22.jpgBut what if instead of a smoke detector, it had been our burglary alarm?

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