The BedBunker vaults are constructed with TIG welded, powder-coated, 10…

The BedBunker vaults are constructed with TIG welded, powder-coated, 10 gauge steel with a firewall, and choices of manual or electronic locks.

In the middle of the night my wife was up with our first child when she walked up to a window in the nursery and looked at the reflection in the glass. It took her a second to realize that it was not a reflection but somebody standing just inches away on the outside of the house. Ever the cool one, she backed away, got behind a wall and called out to me. I was up in an instant and the vital seconds passed as I got a flashlight then found, unlocked and loaded a weapon and was out the door, but he got away—leaving behind a knife and burglary tools. I long wondered if I could have prevented subsequent break-ins in my neighborhood if I had been quicker to stop that person.

The sensibly priced Cannon Safes have maximum interior versatility and offers a “zero cost” lifetime repair or replacement policy based on damage incurred after a burglary, fire or natural disaster.

After that I knew I needed to have better and quicker access to my home defense weapons, meanwhile keeping them safely stored. I got my first gun safe—a multi-gun Cannon vault that enabled me to store all my firearms in one spot and that gave me positive security, convenient storage with complete safety for everybody in the house. However, it was in the den away from the bedroom, so depending on what happened I could easily have been walking into trouble trying to get to my firearms.

Now there are several different options that can allow a homeowner to have quick access to a light and pistol in a much smaller safe but with complete security that will defeat unauthorized use or theft when you are away.

Easy-to-access GunVault safes, like their MultiVault DrawerVault can be placed right where you want and need it.

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  • Frank

    …are you kidding? you really left the security of your castle to enter an environment where there could have been more than one creep waiting for you armed with…you name it. Never ever leave the security of your home to give chase even on your property. That is exactally what we taxpayers pay sworn officers to do. Stay in your house (where you know every inch intimately) & defend your family from that position. Getting into any kind of gun fight, fist fight or anything else outside your door opens an entire set of potential circumstances & situations that aten’t worth the risk. Now on the other hand, if the perp makes entry before the law arrives… his soul belongs to the Lord but his rear is yours! Please, don’t needlessly put yourself in harms way to catch a peeper or potential burgular. There are far too many unknowns outside your door especially under the cover of darkness & your family has much too much to loose if things go south.

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