Jericho 941 .40 S&W Pistol Review

The Jericho 941 .40 S&W is a street ready pistol in a lightweight and powerful package!

Several years back, I had the opportunity to shoot and carry a Baby Eagle manufactured by Israeli Military Industries. Often the case with anything that is produced by Israel weapon’s manufacturers, it was a solid, accurate and reliable all-steel pistol. Conditions in Israel are harsh, so the need and application is real and frequent. Weapons made with this in mind have to be reliable.

jericho1One criticism would be the weight. It can be carried concealed but it isn’t comfortable. As the move to the .40 caliber became evident, the same pistol in that caliber was heavier and not as reliable. While the .40 caliber was still gaining its legs, manufacturers would move up in caliber but not always with great success. Polymer pistols were still new and there were only a few out there that worked well. For the most part, the bigger the caliber back then, the more the pistol weighed.

There are tons of solid, polymer semi-automatic pistols now. The concealed carry holder has a growing number of choices each year. The manufacturing process using polymers and overall reliability of pistols in general have made leaps and bounds. Most of the bugs have been worked out of both the polymer-framed guns and the .40 caliber cartridge. The Mid-Size Jericho 941 pistol in .40 caliber is no exception to this. It is made by Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd and imported by KBI, Inc. This is the latest evolution of that pistol I carried years ago. The Israeli pension for building reliable firearms has not changed.

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  • william

    where can you buy this pistol and do you ahve any 9mm or 40mm ammo?

  • Ruben Cuellar

    What accesories does the Jericho in the Picture have? I own the IWI Jericho 941 FS full steel frame and I am looking to modify it a little, like placing a recoil reducer in it. What other modifications do you guys recomend?

  • DWizzle

    I just bought the full size, steel frame baby eagle in .40S&W. As a lefty shooter the ambidextrous rail-mounted safety/decocker is a terrific feature.

    The pistol is a little on the heavy side but has a great feel in the hand with smooth action. The quality of the pistol is obvious the first time you have a look at its guts.

    I would recommend this pistol to anyone. As with most things made in Israel, this is a top-notch product.

  • I served in the Marines 2 tours in VietNam…I was also an instructor in weapons and tactics and I have the 9mm version of the Jericho 941 all steel…I love this pistol..on the money and no failures gun related…I shoot cheap ammo for target and sometimes you get round failure…this is a great weapon..I also carry it crossdraw with no problems especially on my Harley.

  • TheUglyOne
  • Col R

    I own one. This is my ccw of choice, and I am full time military with over 1,500 days in Iraq. The Jericho 941 or Baby Eagle I own is actually a Type A or made by IMI before they becase IWI. It is flawless. If tehre is one drawback I would say is the lack of accessories. If yo are looking for a great pistol that will never fail you, this is it. If you want one you can buy tons of accessories so you can say you have all the gadgets…forget it, buy a Glock!
    Col R

  • Cavedweller

    Wish I could find a place to buy a Jericho, but there are no importers that I have been able to find yet. I would like to try one in my hands once. As far as the comments from Mr.T, chuckn and bob b, the truth is not in them and in MHO they don’t appear to have any interest in the truth.

  • Israel terrorises the USA daily by extracting money from its “judeochristian” base to fun its continued luxury class construction and ethnic wars with the other camel jockeys. Also Israel lobbies in the US to confiscate guns and raise taxes, so that Semites can control citizens by using the police system against American citizens. Israel also taxes our food with a jewish Kosher tax. What kind of “ally” taxes your food with a religious tax, lobbies against your gun rights while their school girls carry automatic weapons, and has a thriving prostitution industry selling kidnapped white women from Europe.

  • Dan

    Hi Mr.T, your comment is really disgusting!!! I guess you never had any family members that has been blown to pieces by a suicide bomber.
    Israeli weapon will always be my first choice since their are the best when it come to militarily supplies. Our BEST US Marines are trained in Israel.

  • Andrew

    A great weapon from a great manufacturer & ally. A very good carry gun with holsters available from Front Line.

  • I have been using all the different versions of the Jericho and i haven´t experienced any problems with it. It is accurate and very reliable. In regards to holsters, we carry loads of different holsters to the Jericho in all different conigurations, all manufactured in Israel by one of the official suppliers to the police and IDF. So no problems there either. Buy this gun with utmost confidence.


    hola, vivo en colombia me gustaria comprar una linterna tactica para una pistola Jericho PSL…cual es el costo de la linterna tactica y donde puedo girar el dinero, o por favor darme una direccion en un estado para poder enviar a alguien personalmente

  • nsatoday

    the jericho 941/baby eagle is an excellent choice, even in the compact. It has a polygonal rifling set up which helps accuracy a ton. my only concerns are the bluing in wet climates and the lack of holsters. P.S.-beware of most after market mags for this weapon! Get stainless mags!

  • gi joe1980

    actually mrt and chuck n, israel is our ally, so it would be like helping our allies economy. do your research before letting your brains fall out of your mouth.

  • Chuck N.

    No, that would be buying from Palestine is like funding terrorism.

  • Mr.T

    Buying from Israeli weapons manufacturers is like funding terrorism…