Kahr PM45 .45ACP Compact Pistol Review

The Kahr PM45 .45ACP handgun is compact, easy to carry and boasting a big bore punch – it’s the ultimate mini-45!


The move for individual states to issue concealed carry permits to qualified citizens has led to an unforeseen development in the firearms industry. More and more companies are offering smaller and lighter guns designed to provide the user with an easily concealable and comfortable-to-carry handgun.

untitled-1.jpgRemember, it was only a decade ago when many considered the Colt Detective Special or a customized 1911 to be the ultimate concealed carry gun. None of us would have dreamed then that 10 years later we would be packing a polymer .45 with a loaded weight of just 23 ounces.

That’s exactly what the brand-new Kahr PM45 weighs loaded with 6 rounds of CorBon 165-grain Pow’RBall bullets. Weighing less than 1.5 pounds and measuring slightly more than an inch thick, the PM45 packs 5 + 1 hard-hitting .45ACP rounds. Kahr has rewritten the standards by which we judge concealed-carry pistols!

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  • WD

    No issues here. I unseated the slide stop a couple of times. Not sure if it was the way i was holding it, or the ferocity of the action. +P loads are not for the faint at heart with this light weapon. Pushed more than 100 rounds through a brand new weapon and the only jams cam from dislodging the slide stop/release.

  • steve

    Sorry to hear about Bill’s PM45, mine works perfectly. I got mine end of AUgust, 2009 from a medium sized gunshop in east Georgia. Mine jammed on the thritd round but fired the next 197 without a jam. I used carbons .45+P plus PMC target ammo in ball and no problems. May Bill got an early production model. I hope the factory fixes it, the gun shoot well, no harder than a snub nose 38 pecial +P and is a lot of gun for the size.

  • Bill

    I went to buy a glock 36. The guy at the store talked me into a Kahr PM45 instead. I tried two brands of ammo, with two different mags and could not get the gun to shoot more than 2 shots in a row without a jam. I had the range master try the gun with the same results. So my new gun is on its way back to Kahr for repair. They say to expect a 1 month turn around! I should have bought the Glock. (Sigh)