Kimber Custom Aegis II 9mm Handgun Review

Eye candy for competition, training or self-defense, the Kimber Custom Aegis II 9mm pistol is also a shooter!

This new Kimber Aegis II in 9mm is both a nice looker and a great shooter. The more I shoot it, the more I like it. I find it to be even better than the previously produced full-sized, all-steel 9mm, the Stainless Target II, which is a good gun in its own right. Last year, Kimber introduced the Aegis, a subcompact with a 3-inch barrel and shortened alloy frame. I had the opportunity to review it and the Stainless Target II, finding them both to deliver outstanding performance.

kimber24.jpgGun Details
This new addition to what has become the Aegis family brings together the best features of all of them by combining the alloy frame and steel slide with a full-sized 5-inch barrel in the same 9mm caliber. The bonus is how this Custom Shop creation has also been crafted to work well as a personal defense handgun in addition to being perfectly qualified for action shooting sports.

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  • diminq

    My favorite gun of all time!

  • Don

    Great gun. No issues.

  • G Dickens

    beretta msdes a fine 9mm gun in the PX storm

  • Dennis

    Another Dennis here with a totally different experience. I have gone through 200 rounds of quality factory rounds and another 500 of my own dubious home brews. No problems at all from the my Pro Aegis II. Metalform mags were a no-go. They fed OK, but none out of 5 held the slide open on the final round. I now use the original Kimber mag with a Wilson follower and spring and 5 Wilson mags. No problems.

  • BroncoBob

    I’ve been A Kimber loyalist for quite A while.I’m about to aquire A Aegis,I shoot 45acp mostly and of course the 1911 platform so I believe this will fit in very nicely.I might add that in all of my guns I only use Chip McCormic mags,these are the only mags of choice for me and I carry every day.

  • Dr. Rick Wigginton

    Thus far I’ve no complaints with the Kimber Custom Aegis II. Several thousand rounds and thus far no issues. The pistol functions very well with Metalform mags. Despite the full size, it’s an easy concealed carry pistol. In the words of colleague and friend, John Farnam, “highly recommended.”

  • Kurt

    Wow, I am glad I didn’t have the same experience as Dennis did with his Kimber Aegis. I love the one I bought, the very first time I shot it I put 9 shots in a 3″ bullseye at 25 yards, my next 9 shots were less than 2″ and now I am shooting 1 1/2″ groups and I was not a good shot with a pistol until now. The Kimber Aegis 9mm has very little muzzle jumb and it’s easy to get it back on the target. I have not had the gun misfire or jamb. Love the gun, great quality, great feel, beautiful gun.

  • dennis

    I foolishly purchased the new KIMBER Aegis and discovered that the weapon bore no kinship to the one tested in this review ! It is inaccurate,very unreliable ( most every jam that could be described has occured) and of such poor quality that I will have the gun repaired by a local gunsmith only to immediately trade it in for a real weapon !! Lesson learned; Kimber must have zero quality control and ,for sure, even less pride in their warranty department !

  • David A Martin

    Handled the Aegis 9 mm. Loved the feel. Am looking for a similar feel/design/dimensioned handgun with double action first rond. Any ideas?