Weighing a mere 17 ounces, the Solo combines Kimber quality…

Weighing a mere 17 ounces, the Solo combines Kimber quality with 9mm firepower and the indisputable ergonomics of the 1911. This brand new addition to the Kimber concealed carry line features aluminum frames with either a KimPro II black or stainless steel finish.

The subcompact pistol is clearly the focus of most firearms manufacturers these days, and for obvious reasons. Particularly with the polymer pistols, just about every full-size make or model has a compact or even a subcompact model to go with it. With so many people opting to carry concealed, it is just something the market is driving.

The Solo Carry STS 9mm features smoothed and rounded edges for both carry comfort and minimized “printing” through clothing.

As effective as full-sized pistols are, they can be hard to carry for long periods. They are also more difficult to conceal and generally require a holster. Since pocket carry is not generally in the cards, it truly illustrates the adage, “the only useful pistol is the one you have with you.” Many companies are now making pistols that make it easier for you to have a good pistol with you all the time, chambered for proven self-defense cartridges.

With an overall length of just 5.5˝, the Kimber Solo more than fits the bill for concealed carry through its compact dimensions and powerful chambering.

The 1911 market has certainly been no exception, with several companies making 9mm pistols in single-action 1911 configurations nowadays—including high-end custom makers. However, the traditional single-action trigger system requires that it be carried in a traditional-style holster of some sort.

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  • AGB

    Glocks are pieces of crap. They don’t support the cartridge well and have been known to blow up. A cheap product only fit for LEO’s who never intend to use them.

    The military would not go near them.

  • Icabod

    My Solo is back at Kimber for the second time. First was constant FTE issues with anything under 147gr. They replaced the barrel, magazine and slide spring. This time the side would not stay locked back. At the LGS they also found peening on both the slide and barrel. Plus the new magazine fell apart. Understand the line is closed until 2012 and if mine is replaced, as it should be, there is a waiting list. Really love the gun when it works as it’s accurate. Haven’t found an issue with recoil or carry.

  • Glen Seago

    I wanted the Solo every since I saw the ads for it and could never find one at any of the Dealers because they sold there Demo before they were suppose to, So finally i found one used and after several failures to fire and eject with 124gr & 147gr I contacted the guy I purchased from and found out he was not the original owner but did find the original owner which had sent the Solo back to Kimber and they replaced the slide & barrel, I also had to send back to Kimber for the second time and they replaced the slide and firing pin and all springs, Now when i received the Solo back I was told that I would have to replace the springs every 1000rds or sooner and i’ve since heard that they stopped production just to make repair’s on the ones that were sold, since i received my Solo back i’ve been able to fire 100rds with no problems so far but a cert. firearm instructor was watching me and noticed that the shell casings were flying every which way and he suggested that I get rid of the Solo, I just wished I would have received one of the guns that so many of you writer’s received since all the writer’s that i’ve read there articles have praise the Solo and i wanted to also but I have 4 Glocks & 3 S&W M&P’s & Sig RCS 1911 & a few other handguns that i’ve been able to put a lot of rounds in without any FTF or FTE, I think Kimber started with a good ideal but failed in there quality control. I’ve got my up for sell but everyone ask me if I’ve had any problem’s with the Solo and I explain what problem’s I had because I was brought up to tell the truth. If i’m lucky I might be able to sell the Solo one day.

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  • General Jim M

    You just have to know not to pull the trigger as you draw or reholster.My holsters all protect the triggerguard.If you are very familiar with the Glock,you won’t shoot yourself.I’d just say carelessness or the trigger got caught on something.The Glock is lightning quick to get into action.It also has a very fast trigger reset.I was doing a qualification with the Glock 17RTF2 with NATO ammo,the rangemaster asked,you done? Yup.The other guys were still shooting,i had the only Glock.In most cases guns are better than the handler.Sorry you don’t trust the Glock.Use an XD,it is childproof.

  • Rolland


    Ranger friend of mine had some insightful words regarding Glocks. He said, “Call 911, I just shot myself!” This was right after an accidental discharge (gotta love the light SA/ no safety).

    Moral of the story: Glocks are over-rated and prefacing gun stories with military rank makes me want to vomit into my bolt carrier.

  • Eric


  • General Jim M

    An Army Major that i knew had an interesting thing to say about his’ Kimbers. ” I show my Kimber to my friends and my Glock to my enemies”.