The Kimber, paired up with a SureFire light and Galco…

The Kimber, paired up with a SureFire light and Galco Yaqui Paddle Holster, makes for a formidable self-defense combo. The Yaqui is available in tan or black and offers speed and elegant simplicity.

In 2010 Kimber introduced their new Super Carry line of pistols. Built entirely in Kimber’s Custom Shop, the Super Carry guns feature lightweight aluminum frames, custom slide and receiver enhancements, ambidextrous safeties and night sights. Both the full-size gun—the Super Carry Custom—and the smaller 4-inch model—the Super Carry Pro—possess a rounded butt. It’s a neat feature that not only enhances the way the gun feels in the hand but also makes it easier to carry concealed. Unfortunately, the mainspring housing of the Super Carry Ultra, Kimber’s 3-inch model, is just too short for the full rounded butt treatment—and that’s a shame because the Ultra size guns that Kimber produces are some of my most favorite carry guns.

I did, however, receive the 4-inch Super Carry Pro and absolutely loved it. With its lightweight frame, night sights and rounded butt, it was a pleasure to carry and proved to be incredibly accurate and reliable—enough so, that I purchased my evaluation sample from Kimber. But I couldn’t help but wonder how nice a 3-inch Ultra version of the gun would be.

The rounded butt is perfect for concealed carry while still providing the shooter with an extremely comfortable grip.

Kimber’s Custom Shop keeps meticulous records of customer requests and when they spot a trend they wisely try to create a product that will meet the demand. In the past year, since the addition of the Super Carry line of pistols there have been a dramatic number of requests for a Super Carry Ultra top-end on full-size frame. This combination gives the user the short, compact 3-inch barrel for concealment but also gives them a full-size aluminum frame for control. But more importantly, it gives the shooter the abbreviated rounded butt of the Super Carry Custom and Super Carry Pro. It didn’t take long for Kimber’s marketing team to decide that this should be one of the new additions in 2011.

Special serrations on the flat top slide do a tremendous job of minimizing unwanted glare.

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  • I know that I am behind the power curve on posting to this forum, but I purchased one of these today and could not be happier. I am traditionally a Glock man myself, carrying a 19 and/or 23 at work, then a 19 in my off-time. However, recent developments with Meth and violence in my neck of the woods coerced me into looking for a .45 option. I originally went to the gun shop to browse their selection of Solo series pistols, but to my chagrin, they did not have any available. Come to find out, they were having a hard time selling them because they just couldn’t get the pistol to shoot ball ammo. So, they beefed up their line of Super Carry pistols, which I purchased the Super Carry Ultra+. I immediately took it to their indoor range, and fired 200 rounds through it to my delight. I enjoyed the action of the pistol, and couldn’t get out of the “9” ring if I tried. Even at 20 yards, this pistol is a joy to shoot, and impressively accurate. While my wife did not share my pleasure with this purchase, I was able to pick it up, with two extra mags, a Bianchi Allusion holster, and a box of 230 gr. Gold Dot hollow points for below the advertised MSRP of the pistol according to the Kimber website. Reverting to a 1911 style pistol was not as difficult as I had imagined, I haven’t shot one in about 6 years, and have been firing Glocks throughout that duration. The ambidextrous thumb safety is great, and easy to manipulate although some dry-fires at home will be necessary to ensure that the muscle memory is there when I need it. All in all, this amazingly accurate pocket cannon will be making its way around town as my new primary concealed carry pistol. While some of my friends have given up on Kimber saying that the quality just isn’t there, I disagree, and will present this pistol to them as proof.

  • Dale

    That’s weird. Sorry, if someone loves it, buy it. But take an inch off the butt and put it back on the barrel. I’ll be curious to see how many of these they sell.